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Track inventory, optimize your supply chain and avoid stockouts by streamlining operations with rail logistics solutions.


Monitor assets from origin to destination in real-time, ensuring they arrive on time and in the right condition.


Effortlessly adapt and expand as your business grows with seamless integration into existing systems.

AutoVentive is an industry-leading Software as a Service (SaaS) applications developer providing customized solutions to logistics industries such as auto and rail.


Why AutoVentive for Rail Logistics Solutions?

AutoVentive’s rail logistics solutions take your operations to the next level with accuracy, efficiency and innovation. We provide end-to-end visibility and analytics on all assets, shipments and workforce activities, making it easier to protect your assets, reduce liability and improve overall business operations.

Our technology seamlessly integrates with existing TMS, WMS and ERP systems, eliminates manual tasks and streamlines workflows. Ready to learn how AutoVentive’s rail logistics platform can save your business valuable time and boost your bottom line?

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Real-Time Tracking

Monitor your assets from origin to destination, ensuring they arrive on time and in the right condition.

Inventory Optimization

Track inventory, avoid stock outs and improve your supply chain with our inventory management system.

Streamline Operations

View a high-level overview of inventory grouped by destination, rail block, shippable status, assigned carrier, model and more.

Seamless Partner Integration

Easily incorporate data from existing WMS, TMS and ERP systems for optimal efficiency.

Simplified Workflows

Reduce costly oversights or errors that could compromise asset protection by streamlining workflows and eliminating manual tasks.

Elevated Team Safety

Enhance visibility, facilitate communication, enable proactive risk management and support compliance with safety protocols.

Improve your rail logistics with yard management solutions from AutoVentive.

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Our Advanced Telematics Vehicle Tracking System: The AV Shadow

The AV Shadow provides real-time asset tracking of a vehicle’s location, operation and status as it moves through rail shipping.

Featuring plug-and-play functionality, the AV Shadow connects directly to the onboard diagnostics port and provides shippers with vehicle-specific data such as G-force readings, speed, harsh acceleration or braking, so they can better monitor when and where damage is likely to occur.

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Dedicated Expertise

We build our products from a user perspective with first-hand knowledge of industry challenges and solutions. The AutoVentive team of technology and logistics specialists has collectively launched and managed over 50 yard management operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Continental Europe and the Middle East.

Comprehensive Implementation

Working with your organization, the AutoVentive implementation team will manage all project phases, from design and planning to implementation to a smooth and seamless product launch. Our team provides one-on-one training sessions to ensure the success of your team.

24/7 Customer Support

As a company, we have a singular mindset: to be the best, positively different and relentlessly improving. AutoVentive provides ongoing system training and 24/7 technical support. We aim to work with our valued customers for a lifetime, earning your trust through customized solutions that deliver measurable and meaningful results.

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