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    Transform the yard into an automated, data-driven, integrated, and interconnected part of your supply chain with AutoVentive YMS – A Telematics Vehicle Tracking System.



AutoVentive YMS is tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation



Real-time visibility of all yard assets and activities from a single location



Whether a single yard, or numerous facilities across the globe, our YMS system is designed to scale to meet your needs

Within the automotive supply chain, the vehicle yard is the intersection of all the activities involved in the movement of a vehicle from the time it leaves the OEM production line until it reaches the dealer or the final customer. Besides the actual transport of the vehicle –  which can be made by road, rail or sea – the vehicle yard is the focal point for the storage, post-production modification, maintenance, repair, and pre-delivery inspection of new vehicles. AutoVentive YMS is a secure, cloud-based yard management solution that automates and optimizes these critical processes with a telematics vehicle tracking system.


Learn how our telematics vehicle tracking system can increase operational efficiency and transform your business.

Process Automation

Process Automation

Streamline workflows and eliminate manual tasks

Scalable Network Architecture

Scalable Network Architecture

Fully cloud-based solution for fast cost-effective deployments for every yard size and location

Yard Visibility

Yard Visibility

Real-time insights on all yard assets, shipments, and workforce activities

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Standard, customizable and scheduled reports, alerts, dashboards & KPIs

Flexible Integrations

Flexible Integrations

Seamless integration with existing TMS, WMS, and ERP systems

Expert Implementation & Support

Expert Implementation & Support

Easy, rapid deployment with 24/7 customer service


AutoVentive YMS is a Web and Android application that leverages leading wireless, software, and hardware technologies providing end-to-end visibility and analytics on all assets, shipments, and workforce activities. The telematics vehicle tracking system is hosted in the cloud and can be conveniently and securely accessed as web applications on any Internet-connected computer. It can also be co-hosted on client-owned servers.



Customizable and tailored to fit the specific needs of your operation, AutoVentive YMS is capable of working as a standalone yard management system or within the broader IT framework, working in conjunction with existing warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and transportation management systems (TMS) to increase yard efficiency.




The system is compatible with Android devices built for the industry such as the Zebra TC75 or L10. Rugged Android devices deployed among departments empower users with quick access to data and a simple, reliable means for inputting or updating information. They can facilitate fast communication for two-way data transfer between the web and handheld devices, bringing timely and actionable information to everyone in your organization.






In addition to the core YMS solution, AutoVentive also offers a number of Module Applications for specific inventory tracking, tracing, and monitoring activities. The Modules are configured to meet the requirements of the customer and included in the YMS Suite or they can be purchased separately.

Coming Soon: Improved Reporting & Dashboards

We’re continuously updating our product based on real client feedback. Our next enhancements will be to reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Unprecedented Visibility

You never have to wait to know a vehicle’s status: the data is on the application and ready the second you scan the VIN location.

Cutting-Edge Asset Security

Our AV Shadow provides real-time data about your vehicles, even through customs and border protection scenarios.

Unmatched Value Through Enhanced Client Care

With AutoVentive, you’re gaining access to a team that’s as passionate about our customers as we are about our technology.

AutoVentive YMS - An Elite Telematics Vehicle Tracking System.
Rail Track Sheets

Using a combination of industry hardware (AEI tag Readers) And AutoVentive software, the RTS module offers a scannable solution for spotting and identifying rail cars and creating track sheets.

Created by logistics experts with over 30 years of experience working with the largest vehicle processing companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).


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Vehicles Shipped



We are led by a graduated team of technology and logistics specialists that have collectively launched and/or managed over 50-yard management operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Continental Europe, and the Middle East. This expertise is reflected in our products as they are built from a user perspective with first-hand knowledge of the challenges and solutions for our industry.


Working closely with your management staff our technology specialists will tailor fit the AutoVentive YMS software suite to the specific needs of your operation. Configurations, customizations, integrations, and new application development for our customers are all part of what we do.


Through its numerous software tracking modules, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing OEM and 3PL technology, the AutoVentive YMS suite provides end-to-end visibility and analytics on all assets, shipments, and workforce activities.


AutoVentive YMS can be deployed in-house on dedicated hardware, fully cloud-based, or a hybrid of the two. Built with both horizontal and vertical scalability in mind, AutoVentive YMS is designed to quickly scale to meet the needs of your operation – whether you are managing a single yard or hundreds of facilities across the globe.


Working with your organization, the AutoVentive implementation team will manage all phases of the project, from design and planning to implementation – all the way through to a smooth and seamless product launch. Throughout this process, Autoventive provides conference, and one-on-one training to ensure that each person interacting with our system gets the attention they need and demonstrates mastery of their role to ensure success going forward.


As a company, we have a singular mindset: We want to be the best, positively different, and relentlessly improving. We treat our customers like customers, with a focus on their challenges and priorities. We provide ongoing system training and 24/7 technical support. It is our aim to work with our valued customers for a lifetime – earning your trust through customized solutions that deliver measurable and meaningful results.


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AutoVentive is an industry-leading Software as a Service (SaaS) applications developer providing customized solutions to the automotive logistics industry. The company is part of Liberty Hill Equity Partners, LLC, a Cincinnati-based private equity firm, and Apex Holdings, LLC, a privately held holding company that operates across a breadth of industries and features an expanding portfolio of companies in telematics fleet tracking and vehicle tracking. 

Apex Holdings is an active partner, providing critical strategic, financial, and administrative support to the AutoVentive team. 

As a company, we have a singular mindset: We want to be the best, positively different, and relentlessly improving. We treat our customers like customers and focus on their challenges and priorities. We provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage in yard management operations and logistics through cost-effective and highly reliable solutions.