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Andy Davies

Andy Davies

Head of Research and Development

Andy brings a diverse background and nine years of professional experience as a software engineer/consultant to his Head of Research and Development role. Before his career in technology, Andy spent eight years in law enforcement leadership roles, honing his management and decision-making skills.

Andy’s expertise spans a wide range of areas crucial to his role at AutoVentive, stemming from his physics degree. His focus includes research and development of new and emerging products such as AV Shadow, hardware development, telematics solutions, data science and AI.

Before joining the AutoVentive team, Andy worked for prominent companies such as Unilever and The Very Group (very.co.uk), one of the largest retail sites in the UK. His most recent role was as a consultant to Santander, a global bank, where he contributed to enhancing its online banking app.

Beyond professional pursuits, Andy values spending time with his family.