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AutoVentive Disrupts Vehicle Logistics Industry with AV Shadow Track and Trace Technology

WAYNE, Mich. — In an era where legacy platforms have become outpaced by technology, the automotive industry faces growing challenges in minimizing damage during transportation. AutoVentive is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent damage before it even occurs, AutoVentive’s innovative AV Shadow device is proving to be a game-changer for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

AutoVentive’s Chief Technology Officer, Lee Williams, emphasizes how technological advancements enable their software to learn from past damage incidents, analyze patterns and proactively prevent problems. AutoVentive’s AV Shadow makes it possible to pinpoint exactly where any damage might have occurred. By providing real-time visibility inside the railcar, OEMs can discover exactly what went wrong at the time of an incident.

Through AI, they map out factors like elevated handling — a potential cause of vehicle damage during shipping — and provide heat maps to clients to reveal hotspots along shipping routes with higher risks. Williams highlights their work with Ford on trials, where they identified areas of potential damage and advised route adjustments based on data analytics.

“One of the most challenging aspects of vehicle transportation by rail is the risk of damage due to sudden stops and starts,” said Williams. Williams explains that their software detects such movements and records data on the position and force of impacts as well as the precise area of damage on the vehicle. AutoVentive’s innovative tracking system, AV Shadow, precisely locates and verifies inventory, allowing users to pinpoint potential damage locations with a 3D rendering, saving valuable time and resources.

AutoVentive’s technology, including the AV Shadow, enhances yard logistics by communicating crucial information such as VIN numbers and engine management codes. It helps identify vehicle issues and prevents shipping, if necessary, to streamline operations, increasing efficiency and safety.

Safety and accountability are paramount in logistics operations, and AutoVentive is developing wearable safety devices for employees that can track their driving behavior within yards and on public roads. These devices aim to limit risky behaviors, ensuring safety through visibility and accountability.

Vehicle theft is also a pressing concern in the industry, and AutoVentive addresses this by deploying external sensors, like the AV Shadow, on railcar doors. These sensors provide enhanced visibility, sending alerts if doors are opened at unauthorized locations, contributing to heightened security.

In the face of industry challenges, AutoVentive’s dedicated tools empower OEMs with enhanced visibility, communication and efficiency, ultimately reducing risk and transforming the future of vehicle logistics.

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AutoVentive is an industry-leading Software as a Service (SaaS) applications developer providing customized solutions to the automotive logistics industry. The company is part of Liberty Hill Equity Partners, LLC, a Cincinnati-based private equity firm, and Precision Vehicle Holdings, a privately held holding company that operates across a breadth of industries and features an expanding portfolio of companies in the automotive logistics and transportation sectors.

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