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Autoventive Partners with Ford to Successfully Beta Test Real-Time Tracking Technology to Solve the Cost of Damage in Automotive Shipping

WAYNE, Mich. — AutoVentive, a leader in automotive logistics solutions, completed a successful beta test in partnership with Ford Motor Company, showcasing the effectiveness of its real-time tracking solutions with AV Shadow. Through this collaboration, AutoVentive and Ford have addressed critical industry challenges related to the cost of damage and shipping inefficiencies.
During the beta test, AutoVentive’s AV Shadow technology proved instrumental in identifying and tracking instances of damage in real-time, offering unprecedented visibility into the automotive shipping process. By leveraging the AV Shadow’s advanced telematics capabilities, AutoVentive and Ford were able to proactively address potential issues, significantly reducing the financial burden associated with damaged shipments.

This successful beta test underscores AutoVentive’s commitment to driving innovation in automotive logistics and highlights the transformative potential of the AV Shadow technology. With real-time tracking and actionable insights, AutoVentive continues to empower businesses to optimize their supply chain operations and enhance overall efficiency.

“At AutoVentive, we recognized the need for proactive inventory monitoring to address issues before damage occurs,” AutoVentive Chief Technology Officer Lee Williams. “Our AV Shadow captures real-time data, enabling manufacturers to track vehicles not only during transit but also within the yard. By monitoring factors such as speed, cornering, and braking, we empower businesses to mitigate risks and optimize their supply chain operations.”

Through tangible outcomes achieved with Ford Motor Company, AutoVentive demonstrated the effectiveness of the AV Shadow in improving outcomes, including:

Tangible evidence of damage occurrence and rapid resolution.
Real-time tracking for enhanced visibility and problem identification.
Improved safety for loading crews through monitoring and intervention.
The AV Shadow represents a significant advancement in automotive logistics, serving as a digital blueprint for tracking vehicles’ journeys in real-time. By seamlessly connecting to vehicles’ OBD ports, the AV Shadow captures essential data including GPS coordinates, VIN numbers, G-force readings, idling time and fault diagnostics.

“It’s not just about knowing where your assets are; it’s about redefining supply chain efficiency,” Williams emphasized. “Real-time location data enables informed decision-making, route optimization and minimization of delays. By leveraging these insights, businesses can enhance their logistics strategies and drive success.”

Key findings presented at the conference included:

  1. Emerging Tech for Damage Reduction: The AV Shadow demonstrates how emerging technologies can help prevent damage by providing visibility into potential risks and enabling proactive intervention.
  2. Cost Implications of Damage: Damage or loss incurred during transit can result in significant financial implications for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), including customer loss, brand damage, and delays. The AV Shadow helps mitigate these risks by offering real-time tracking and actionable insights.
  3. Quality Assurance and Supplier Performance: AutoVentive’s partnership with Ford exemplifies how the AV Shadow enhances supplier performance and fosters collaboration. By identifying and addressing issues in advance, AutoVentive supports Ford’s pursuit of best-in-class quality standards.

AutoVentive presented its findings with Ford at the 130th Damage Prevention and Freight Claim Conference last year where Williams discussed how the AV Shadow can address inventory issues before damage occurs by capturing real-time data.

AutoVentive remains committed to driving innovation in automotive logistics and looks forward to continued collaboration with industry partners to enhance supply chain efficiency and product quality.

For more information about AutoVentive and its AV Shadow technology, please visit www.autoventive.com.


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