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Bayley Currey
08 Mar

AutoVentive & Precision Vehicle Logistics Partner with Niece Motorsports for the NASCAR Debut of Bayley Currey

Our team is revving up our engines with excitement as we count down to the upcoming NASCAR race with Niece Motorsports and Bayley Currey. This sponsorship is not just about speed and thrill, but a showcase of innovation and success at AutoVentive.

As we cruise into the 2024 racing season, I’m proud that AutoVentive will serve alongside our sister company, Precision Vehicle Logistics, as primary partners for Bayley Currey’s first full-time season in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

This collaboration significantly marks a milestone in Currey’s racing career and underscores AutoVentive and Precision Vehicle Logistics’ commitment to advancing the automotive industry through support and innovation.

The Partnership

The team-up of Bayley Currey with AutoVentive, Precision Vehicle Logistics and Niece Motorsports has created a powerful partnership in the NASCAR Truck Series. AutoVentive is bringing its top-notch tech to help enhance track vehicles and improve team performance. Precision Vehicle Logistics is using its big experience to move things around to ensure the team’s cars get to each race safely and on time. And Niece Motorsports, with their racing know-how and experience, is giving the support and competitive edge Currey needs to do his best.

Currey’s excitement about this partnership highlights how much he values the support and what a big difference it makes for him and his racing. He sees this team effort as a key part of his strategy for racing in the NASCAR Truck Series, not just about him driving but about everyone working together to try new things and go beyond the usual limits.

Currey’s Career

Currey’s racing career began at the young age of just seven years old, getting his first taste of success at Central Texas Speedway. From track championships in Texas to NASCAR National Touring Series debuts, his journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

MotorSportsWire explained, “The 26-year-old driver is having his best Truck Series season to this point with a best finish of fourth place at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Currey has never been full-time in the Truck Series but has run full-time before in the NASCAR Xfinity Series with JD Motorsports in 2022. Now, he will have the best full-time equipment in his career to this point.”

Last year, Currey’s stellar performance with Niece Motorsports earned him a full-time spot for the 2024 season. 

According to Niece Motorsports, “Last season, Currey piloted a partial schedule for Niece Motorsports in the No. 41 Chevrolet Silverado. In 11 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series starts, Currey earned three top-five and four top-10 finishes.”

His journey to the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series has been marked by determination and growth. Last season, Currey’s performances showcased his potential and set the stage for his full-time debut with the No. 41 team. Here at AutoVentive and our sister company, Precision Vehicle Logistics, we are renowned for our contributions to the automotive and logistics industry and are excited to bring our team’s expertise to the racetrack, to support Currey’s ambitions and the strategic goals of Niece Motorsports.


Precision Vehicle Logistics and AutoVentive’s Role

Jason Wilson, the Vice President of Precision Vehicle Logistics, puts it perfectly: “Our AV Shadow technology is a game-changer for the automotive industry, offering unparalleled GPS vehicle tracking and asset management. This partnership is a celebration of our achievements and a fantastic way to build brand recognition.”

We are excited about working with Niece Motorsports and Bayley Currey for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series season. 

This partnership is also a big thank you to the hard work of more than 1,200 Precision Vehicle Logistics and AutoVentive employees. By joining forces with Currey and the No. 41 team, they want to show off their staff’s great work and how much they value and engage with their employees.

Wilson stated, “We are very proud to continue the well-deserved recognition of our employees’ everyday accomplishments through this type of employee engagement and brand sponsorship.”

The Partnership Background

This partnership started during an event with Niece Motorsports while we were testing AV Shadow track and trace technology, as a way to celebrate Precision Vehicle Logistics’ winning General Motors Supplier of the Year award. 

Wilson shared, “We hope to create a way for our organization to celebrate AV’s and Precision’s successes through this type of engagement and most importantly, to have fun!”

Bayley Currey also looks forward to working with Precision Vehicle Logistics and AutoVentive. He said, “I’m excited to work with everyone at Precision Vehicle Logistics and AutoVentive. We can’t do what we love without the support of great partners, so it means a lot that they’ve returned to Niece Motorsports with the 41 team next season. We’re looking forward to a strong season.” 

This partnership showcases an innovative way to support the future of NASCAR racing. It’s all about recognizing employees’ hard work, bringing in new tech to improve things and pushing for top performance in the races.

By sponsoring this NASCAR operation, we’re fueling our passion for motorsports and demonstrating our technology’s power to a global audience. 

 AV Shadow Technology

The AV Shadow is an advanced telematics tracking system that provides you with a digital blueprint of each vehicle’s location, operation and status as they move from origin to destination in real-time. With plug-and-play functionality, it connects directly to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port, collecting vehicle-specific data like:

  • GPS
  • VIN number
  • Ignition status
  • G-force readings
  • Idling time
  • Harsh acceleration or braking
  • Vehicle faults and more

AutoVentive’s AV Shadow technology is the game-changing key to this partnership — making how we handle car logistics smarter and more efficient. Unlike the usual way of keeping track of vehicles, AV Shadow does more by managing all the important details about the cars, making everything run smoother in the car world. It uses top-notch GPS to monitor where vehicles are, how they’re moving and their condition, all in real-time. This means we can be more accurate and dependable than ever before.

AV Shadows Monitoring Solutions

By bringing AV Shadow into the mix, we’re really stepping up our game in using digital tools to improve car logistics. This tech doesn’t just make it easier to move race cars around; it also helps manage all the complicated steps needed to put on NASCAR races. AV Shadow offers a full package that tackles the big challenges racing teams face.

Implementing the use of AV Shadow shows that we’re serious about using new tech to get better results, both in racing and moving cars around. Watching things closely in real time means avoiding delays, using our resources wisely and keeping everything running smoothly. This helps Bayley Currey and the Niece Motorsports team focus on winning races without worrying about the logistics side of things.

Putting AV Shadow into action with this partnership also shows a bigger shift in the car and racing businesses towards making decisions based on up-to-the-minute data. This approach helps teams be more competitive and work more efficiently. By leading the way in tech-savvy logistics for NASCAR, we’re also setting an example for the whole car industry on how smart solutions can really change the game.

As proud sponsors, our AutoVentive team celebrates this high-octane partnership as an opportunity to fuel our passion for motorsports and showcase our cutting-edge vehicle tracking technology. 

AV Shadow

Goals and Expectations

This partnership aims to do two main things: make our brands more well-known and get our employees more involved and excited about what we’re doing. Jason Wilson is incredibly hopeful about what we can achieve together. He believes that by combining AutoVentive’s tech smarts with Precision Vehicle Logistics’ know-how in getting things from point A to point B, we will develop some cool new ways to help NASCAR teams do their thing better and more efficiently. So, we’re not just looking to make a splash in the racing world; we also want to make our workplaces buzz with energy and innovation, showing everyone what we can do when we work together.

Join the Race: Support Bayley Currey and Discover AutoVentive’s Innovations

We’re inviting all the fans and people working in the auto industry to check out how AutoVentive works. Learn how our telematics vehicle tracking system can increase operational efficiency and transform business. 

Experience Innovation Firsthand

Our cutting-edge AV Shadow technology is not just about ensuring the seamless logistics of NASCAR racing; it’s about redefining the standards of vehicle tracking and management across industries. By offering real-time data, comprehensive vehicle insights and unparalleled operational control, we empower businesses to achieve new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Request a Demo Today

Interested in seeing our technology in action? We’re here to demonstrate the power and potential of our telematics vehicle tracking system. Whether you’re in the automotive industry, in logistics or are a tech enthusiast, our demo will provide a firsthand look at how AutoVentive is driving innovation.

  • Discover how to streamline your operations.
  • Learn about the benefits of real-time vehicle tracking.
  • See the impact of advanced telematics on your business.

If you love racing, watch this season and help us support Bayley Currey and the No. 41 team. It’s a great chance to see how the latest in car logistics can make NASCAR even more exciting.

Join us in supporting Bayley Currey on the track and discover how AutoVentive is leading the way in automotive innovation off the track.

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